Andres Kütt
Building a modern digital society: a vision of cooperation and openness.

Andres Kütt has his key skills in design, analysis and planning of
complex systems be it organisations, software systems or courses in a university. He has been responsible for architecture of very different information systems from a governmental agency to a global communications software provider with tens of millions of concurrent users. He has been in the software business for more than two decades and experiences a variety of development models in both private and public sector.

Antti PoikolaMyData - approach for developing predictive and personalised public services.
Antti Poikola has expertise is in developing solutions for the open collaboration between citizens, companies and the public sector organisations. He is active and well connected in Open Data and MyData movements in Finland and internationally. His research focuses around questions on how to utilize personal data for the benefit of individuals. He is the main author for the guidebook, My Data - human centric way to organize personal data published by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and currently he is organising big international "MyData" conference that will take place in Helsinki and Tallinn later this year.

Marco Steinberg Designing processes and products for societies and cities.
Marco Steinberg is the founder of Snowcone and Haystack, a Helsinki-based strategic design practice focused on helping governments and leaders to innovate. Previously Steinberg was the Associate Professor at the Harvard Design School and founder and director of Strategic Design at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of the Finnish Museum of Architecture and sits on the board of Design Driven Cities.

Tanja Marita LahtiCity as innovation driver and a test pad for businesses
Mrs Tanja Lahti has been working for the City of Helsinki since 2006. She has been working as Project manager of the regional open data service called Helsinki Region Infoshare since 2013. HRI service www.hri.fi provides lots of information about the Helsinki Region as open data for anyone to use freely. She has a Master of Administrative Sciences (Regional Studies) degree.

Ave Kargaja
Tallinn experiences and potential in e-product development
Ave Kargaja has been working as a GIS specialist and later as a head of the department in Tallinn Urban Planning Department. She has been managing large-volume projects, such as Virtual Old Town (2012). She is an active member of the Estonian Geoinformatics association and was during 2014-2016 its chairman of the board.

Laura Altin
Practical examples of using mobile phone location data for population statistics in Estonian cities.

Laura Altin has been project manager in Positium starting from 2012 and her work is concentrating on tourism studies, regional and urban planning, transportation planning based on mobile phone location data. Laura is also conducting PhD studies in University of Tartu with a research focus on mobile phone datasets and tourism destination loyalty.

Myrsini GlinosA platform for government agencies to co-create user-driven services

Myrsini's expertise lies in the field of smart cities and she is working both on a local and international level leading smart cities projects within eGovlab. Before joining eGovlab, Myrsini took a Masters degree in urban studies at UCL, in London and a Bachelor's degree in Architecture at the University of Bath. She completed internships in urban design teams within ARUP, Dar Al Handasah and Perkins + Wills where she helped in the creation of city masterplans and urban design strategies. She also worked as a tech entrepreneur in London and was elected winner young entrepreneur of the Sirius Programme, backed by the UK Trade and Investment.

Markko KaruDesign's role in enterprise: how the service design can help
Markko will talk about the hardest moment in design process, the problem context, where companies have to align themselves to the needs of customers and define themselves through the change they make in customers lives. In past 20 years has Markko consulted over 200 organizations with branding, packaging and communication issues, founded few creative companies and acted as a spokesperson for Estonian design industry. Today he is a Chief Design Officer of startup stock exchange Funderbeam, where early stage companies can raise money for their bold endeavours.

Juko-Mart Kõlar Business Model training
Estonian Business School Doctoral student in the speciality of management sciences. He has graduated from the Estonian Humanitarian Institute at the Tallinn University in the speciality of sociology and the Sibelius Academy in the speciality of Cultural Administration.

He has also studied as an exchange student in the United States of America, studied conducting at the Estonian Music Academy and sociology at Helsinki University. He works as the Managing Director of MTÜ Eesti Muusika Eksport (Estonian Music Export).

Gleb Maltsev Pitching training
Runs Stoneful, a creative content agency that practices the art and craft of communication — through writing, presentations, and design. He is a co-founder of Fundwise, the crowd investment platform for small and medium-sized businesses in the CEE region. He is an award-winning pitch trainer and has worked with companies across every major sector, be it a SaaS platform, a Telecom or a decades-old freight forwarder. Each year, he trains the companies for Ajujaht, Mektory, EAS trade fairs, and has cofounded the Prototron Academy. Before handling marketing at Trigon Capital, he has helped build Fits.me, a company that has been covered by both Wired and Vogue as well as Bloomberg. The company has since been acquired by Rakuten in July of 2015.